July 26, 2006


Hall of Links

Today I'm unveiling my Hall of Links - a collection of cool spots around the Web that I like to visit. I'll add to this list as I find more ways to waste my time on the Internet. But there's a pretty solid group of inductees to get this started. So, without further ado: (all links pop up in a new window)

The Sports Guy on ESPN.Com - Bill Simmons is without a doubt the most enjoyable writer on the Internet. He combines sports knowledge with his funny writing style and great jokes to give you a great column. I've tried to pattern my writing style after his because he's such a great writer. If I were to designate a MVL (Most Valuable Link), this would be it. Not that I'm playing favorites or anything.

SportsNation - every weekday there are hourly chats with ESPN experts/personalities. The odds of getting a question in are slim, but you can often get lots of information on a lot of different topics from the chats.

SportsPickle.com - Essentially The Onion, but all about sports. DJ Gallo maintains it all by himself, and he also writes a weekly column on ESPN.Com's Page 2. Very funny stuff.

Coolstandings.com - I referenced this yesterday, but it's an amazingly cool site. It simulates 1,000,000 seasons from today to the end of the year - taking into account just about every variable imaginable - and gives you the percentage chance that each team wins the division or the wild card. Take their predictions with a grain of salt - as of May 8, the Twins had a 0.0% chance of making the playoffs - but it's still cool to look at.

Buster Olney's Blog on ESPN.Com - Olney's blog is officially a must-read every day (as this blog is, I hope!); he gives a ton of knowledge and lots of links in every post. One catch - you have to be an ESPN Insider to read it. If you aren't already and you have 40 bucks to blow, I highly reccomend becoming an Insider - you get the biweekly ESPN the Magazine (which isn't quite at Sports Illustrated's level, but it's still pretty good), archived ESPN content (including old SportsNation chats), and lots of other exclusive content. I already forgot how I ever survived withot it.

Syracuse.com forums - I discovered this last year, and was surprised to see that you can find good discussion about section 2 basketball and football on here. As I've mentioned before, the local media coverage of the high school sports is not very good, so it's nice to have another place to get opinions from. (Scroll down to see the HS sports section).

NYSSWA - This is the organization that puts out the weekly high school sports rankings from around the state. There are some other links to stories on there as well, though few of them are very interesting.

The Dilbert Blog - Okay, this has nothing to do about sports, but it's a funny blog written by Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Not much more to say than that...

Teagames.com - A cool little site with various games to play. I've especially gotten hooked on the Pitch & Putt golf game - I've been playing it practically constantly for the past three weeks, and I still haven't beat -10. You'll notice that a lot of the games are slightly modified versions of the others, but it's still a cool site.

Added 8/31: Dan Shanoff's Blog - Shanoff used to write a daily column every morning for ESPN.Com ("The Daily Quickie"), but then left for unknown reasons. But he started this blog, and most of his readers followed him to the blog. It will simply cover the biggest stories from around the world of sports, and the comments might be worth reading b/c of the number of readers.

Added 9/3: Sidelines - David Filkins and James Allen are the TU's lead football reporters, and they've started a blog to focus exclusively on high school football around the area. It's one of the few sources you can visit to get good high school sports coverage (hopefully this blog is another). And no, my blog's name is not a rip-off of theirs; I came up with mine two months before they did. (I'd like to think they copied me, but I doubt that's true.)

Added 9/19: Girmindl's Ghost - an awesome Shaker hoops blog written by Matt Glassman. Reading Matt's blog last year was basically what inspired me to write my blog this year. He's bringing it back this year, and I can't wait.


Thanks for the comments, your site is really high quality. I do think the pats are going to be much better then people are giving them credit for, the young defensive line is a year older and I really think the quality of the secondary is improved. The names in the defensive backfield may not be well known but I like the looks of them. I am trying to post more often, and feel free to comment.
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