July 07, 2006


What is this blog?

Between the Lines is a blog about sports, written from the perspective of a Capital Region (Albany, NY) sports fan.

This blog will focus on three areas:

1. Local high school (and, to a lesser extent, college) sports.

This will make up the meat of the blog in the fall and winter, when I expect to be writing primarily about high school football and basketball. The high school sports seasons are great, but it is hard to follow them - the media coverage isn't very good. Being a high school student myself, I find these seasons very interesting and fun to follow.

2. Professional teams with a local following.

For example, the Red Sox, Yankees, and Jets would fall into this category. These teams draw a lot of local attention, so I will share my views and coverage on these teams as well.

3. National sports in general.

I'll also devote some time here and there to national sports. The problem with this system is that, in the summer, there are no high school or college sports. For the next two months, I'll write mostly articles on sports in general (maybe I'll throw in some stuff on the Conquest or Valleycats too, for some local flavor) while I try to figure out how to blog. In the fall and winter, I will also try to get a blog on the
Times Union blog site to get more exposure.

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