September 04, 2006


Football Power Rankings: Week 1

Something seems to be going wrong with the Blogger site today (at least on my computer), so things are moving really slowly. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. But today I'll give you my high school football power rankings after Week 1 of the football season. The initial rankings I'm using were my rankings in Friday's preview.

Class AA:

1. Troy 1-0 (up 1)
2. Saratoga 0-1 (down 1)
3. Colonie 1-0 (up 2)
4. CBA 0-1 (down 1)
5. Shen 0-1 (down 1)

I still think that, by the end of the season, Saratoga will be the best team in the section. But they lost last week, and Troy won a big game at Shen. Troy should finish the season undefeated; they don't really have any tough games left on their schedule and nobody else really seems good enough to go unbeaten. Colonie moves up two spots due to their big win over Saratoga, but I don't think they were the better team. CBA lost, but to a pretty good section three team, so I don't know how good they will be. Shen did not look good against Troy.

6. Bethlehem 1-0 (up 2)
7. LaSalle 0-1 (down 1)
8. Ballston Spa 1-0 (up 3)
9. Queensbury 1-0 (up 3)
10. Columbia 1-0 (up 3)
11. Niskayuna 0-1 (down 3)
12. Albany 0-1 (down 2)
13. Shaker 0-1 (down 3)
14. Guilderland 1-0 (up 1)
15. Schenectady 0-1 (down 1)

I don't want to move anybody too much, as they only played one game. But it's obvious that some teams aren't as good as we thought. Bethlehem gets the sixth spot by default (my #6, #7, and #9 teams last week all lost), and LaSalle stays at seven despite falling to Columbia. I still think LaSalle will be better than they were last week. Ballston Spa, Queensbury, and Columbia are the big movers after beating Albany, Nisky, and LaSalle, respectively. Shaker should not have lost to Guilderland, but should still be the better team over the course of the season.

Class A:

1. Burnt Hills 1-0
2. Lansingburgh 1-0 (up 1)
3. Glens Falls 1-0 (up 1)
4. Amsterdam 1-0 (down 2)
5. Bishop Maginn 0-1 (up 1)

I'm keeping Burnt Hills at the top of my rankings after their 34-13 defeat of Gloversville. Lansingburgh entered Class A with a bang on Friday, taking apart Scotia 52-8. And Glens Falls blanked AP, 35-0. Amsterdam probably should still be higher than fourth, but they barely squeaked by Maginn, 13-12. I know Maginn will be good this year (hence the #5 ranking), but the Rams were not impressive at all in that game.

6. Mohonasen 1-0 (down 1)
7. Gloversville 0-1
8. Averill Park 0-1
9. Scotia 0-1
10. South Glens Falls 0-1

Mohon moves down through no fault of their own; but Maginn was impressive enough against Amsterdam to jump in front of them. The last three - AP, Scotia, and SGF - all could be put in basically any order; each was beaten badly by a much better team. So I stuck with my original rankings, as there was no reason to do otherwise.

Class B:

1. Ravena 1-0
2. Hudson Falls 1-0 (up 1)
3. Cobleskill 1-0 (down 1)
4. Hudson 1-0 (up 1)
5. Albany Academy 1-0 (down 1)

Ravena beat Hudson Falls, 35-33, to stay in command of the class. But HF moves up for challenging the prohibitive favorite in the class, despite the fact that everyone else at the top of the class won. Hudson shut out Broadalbin-Perth 33-0, while Academy beat Class C Watervliet 26-14.

6. Johnstown 1-0 (up 2)
7. Fonda 0-1 (down 1)
8. Schalmont 1-0 (down 1)
9. Cohoes 0-1 (up 2)
10. Taconic Hills 0-1 (down 1)
11. Broadalbin-Perth 0-1 (down 1)

Johnstown moves up after a convincing win over Taconic Hills; Fonda lost a close one to Albany Academy. Schalmont should have dominated more than they did, and Cohoes takes the 9-spot over the other two because their offense actually put some points up on the board.

Class C:

1. Cambridge 1-0
2. Chatham 1-0
3. Hoosick Falls 1-0 (up 1)
4. Schuylerville 0-1 (down 1)
5. Watervliet 0-1

There's a big drop-off now after #3; Schuylerville and Watervliet both lost big last week in games that should have been close. Cambridge keeps the top spot even after Chatham hung 71 on Hoosic Valley; I know Cambridge played a Class D team, but Hoosic Valley was playing their first game of football ever. Hoosick Falls was very impressive in beating Schuylerville last week.

6. Lake George 1-0 (up 2)
7. Stillwater 1-0 (up 3)
8. Canajoharie 0-1 (down 1)
9. Catholic Central 0-1 (down 3)
10. Granville 1-0 (down 1)

Stillwater's win over Canajoharie and Voorheesville's win over CCHS make the middle of this class very hard to rank. Lake George was the highest-ranked team to win last weekend, but I think they migh tbe a little too high at six. Granville moves down after an unconvincing win at Whitehall due to the impressive win by Stillwater. And, as I said earlier, it's only week 1.

11. Voorheesville 1-0 (up 1)
12. Mechanicville 1-0 (down 1)
13. Greenwich 0-1
14. Tamarac 1-0 (up 3)
15. Coxsackie 0-1 (down 1)
16. Corinth 0-1 (down 1)
17. Hoosic Valley 1-0 (down 1)

It isn't really fair that Mechanicville beats Greenwich fairly comfortably (38-28) and then gets moved down, but those are the breaks. Voorheesville upsed Catholic Central in a convincing manner. Tamarac realistically is probably not better than Coxsackie or Corinth, but I wanted to give them some love after their first home win in five years (even if it was against Bishop Gibbons). And sorry Hoosic Valley, but anytime you give up 71 points, you're going in the basement the next day.

Class D:

1. Salem 0-1
2. Fort Edward 1-0
3. Rensselaer 1-0 (up 1)
4. Warrensburg 0-1 (down 1)
5. Whitehall 0-1
6. Bishop Gibbons 0-1

I know that FE beat a Class C team, and that Salem lost to a C team. But Cambridge is probably the best team in that class, and Salem-Cambridge is a rivlary game (so Cambridge was ready for them). I still think Salem is the best team in this class. Whitehall played an impressive game against Granville, but the other four teams were impressive as well.

Big games this week:

Cambridge @ Hoosick Falls (Fri)
Burnt Hills @ Glens Falls (Fri)
Cobleskill @ Hudson (Fri)

A suggestion - Include team records in your power rankings, it'll help out those of us who are not as well versed in this a you are. Good stuff here.

Very impressive review. Did the TU give you a blog yet?

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