September 10, 2006


Football Power Rankings: Week 2 (Pt 1)

I'm going to split my power rankings up into two parts - Class AA and Class A on Monday, and Class B, C, and D on Tuesday. With school starting, I don't have as much time to write as I used to, and so splitting it up makes it seem like I'm writing just as much while I'm actually taking away one post per week. But anyways, on to the rankings: (ranking, team, overall record, and change from last week are listed)

Class AA:

1. Saratoga 1-1 (up 1)
2. Colonie 1-1 (up 1)
3. Columbia 2-0 (up 7)
4. Queensbury 2-0 (up 5)
5. Guilderland 2-0 (up 9)

Ah, the mystery of Class AA. I think Saratoga is #1, and I'm sticking to it until proven otherwise. Colonie stays at #2 - I know Queensbury, Guilderland, and Columbia have better records, but would you really take any of them over Colonie, for one game, at this point? I wouldn't. Columbia has the best wins of the four unbeatens (@ LaSalle, vs Shen), so I'm giving them the #3 spot. Queensbury has looked extremely impressive in beating Nisky and CBA, and Guilderland is surprisingly 2-0.

6. Bethlehem 2-0
7. Shaker 1-1 (up 6)
8. CBA 0-2 (down 4)
9. Troy 1-1 (down 8)
10. LaSalle 1-1 (down 3)
11. Ballston Spa 1-1 (down 3)
12. Shen 0-2 (down 7)
13. Nisky 0-2 (down 2)
14. Albany 0-2 (down 2)
15. Schenectady 0-2

Bethlehem is 2-0, but the teams they've beat - Ballston Spa and Schenectady - are two teams that they should beat. Even though I have them ranked ahead of Shaker, I'd probably pick them to lose when they play the Bison this week. Shaker is coming off a big win against Colonie, and that loss to Guilderland doesn't look so bad anymore. CBA lost to the emerging Queensbury, so I won't drop them too far. There's slightly off, there's very wrong, and then there's me putting Troy at #1 last week. Boy, I wish I could have that one back. They're probably too far down now, but that's what they get for making me look like a fool last week. LaSalle should be better than this by the end of the season. Will Shen end the season at #12? Doubtful. But this still is just a shell of the Shen dynasties of the past, and this team is not a legit contender for the class title this year. I think putting Schenectady at the bottom is probably the surest pick of the bunch.

Class A:

1. Burnt Hills 2-0
2. Lansingburgh 2-0
3. Amsterdam 2-0 (up 1)
4. Bishop Maginn 1-1 (up 1)
5. Glens Falls 1-1 (down 2)

Burnt Hills stays at the top after a 42-7 thrashing of Glens Falls last week. Right now, the Spartans' rushing attack looks unstoppable - running backs DJ Moore and Kyle Holmes have combined for nine touchdowns in two games this season. Lansingburgh looked great against Mohonasen this week; their offense looks just as good right now with Kenny Youngs leading a potent rushing attack and Connor Gallo making plays through the air. But their defense worries me - they gave up two touchdowns on deep passes to wide-open recievers, and were called for a number of personal fouls. Amsterdam has not looked good at all this season, but they are 2-0. And sometimes the mark of a great team is that they win games even when they play terribly. Maginn might not be a better team than GF, but they certainly looked better last week. Glens Falls has some talent, but they appeared to sorely miss all-state WR Jimmer Fredette last week (he's not playing this year to focus on hoops) - their offense was shut out by a very strong Spartans defense, as their only points came off a David White kickoff return.

6. Mohonasen 1-1
7. Gloversville 1-1
8. Scotia 0-2 (up 1)
9. Averill Park 0-2 (down 1)
10. South Glens Falls 1-1

Mohon looked okay against Lansingburgh, but didn't have enough talent to compete for the full four quarters. Gloversville's victory over AP solidifies them as the #7 team in the class. You could probably make a case for Scotia or AP in the eighth slot - I picked Scotia because they've played two top-three temas - but we'll see who's better next week, when the two square off in Averill Park. SGF got a nice win last week over Hudson - snapping an 11-game losing streak - but they're still probably the worst team in the class this year.

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