September 12, 2006


Football Power Rankings: Week 2 (Pt 2)

Part two of my power rankings coming up, but first some good news: My TU blog is getting underway. I've talked with Mike and Jim at the TU, and I will hopefully be up and running by this weekend. Now, on to the Class B, C, and D power rankings: (see yesterday for AA and A)

Class B:

1. Ravena 2-0
2. Cobleskill 2-0 (up 1)
3. Albany Academy 2-0 (up 2)
4. Hudson Falls 0-2 (down 2)
5. Hudson 1-1 (down 1)

Ravena is clearly the best team in the class. That's one thing that nobody's going to debate right now. And I think Cobleskill has to be #2, after good wins over Watervliet and Hudson. But that's where the easy picks end. I put AA at #3 despite the fact that I don't think they're really that good - wins over Fonda and Schalmont aren't very impressive. But who else should go there? HF is the most impressive 0-2 team in the section, but anytime you lose to South Glens Falls you're going down in my rankings. Hudson has a good claim to the #3 spot as well, after just barely losing (20-19) to Cobleskill.

6. Fonda 1-1 (up 1)
7. Schalmont 1-1 (up 1)
8. Johnstown 1-1 (down 2)
9. Broadalbin-Perth 1-1 (up 2)
10. Cohoes 0-2 (down 1)
11. Taconic Hills 0-2 (down 1)

I put Fonda here, but I'm not really sure they're better than any of the next three teams. A win at Taconic Hills isn't a great victory, but nobody else really has much more to hang their hat on. Johnstown is too small to stop a good rushing attack, but they might be good enough to beat mediocre teams. And Cohoes and Taconic Hills are the two worst teams in the class.

Class C:

1. Chatham 2-0 (up 1)
2. Hoosick Falls 2-0 (up 1)
3. Cambrige 1-1 (down 2)
4. Voorheesville 2-0 (up 7)
5. Lake George 2-0 (up 1)

Chatham and Hoosick Falls have to be ranked 1-2 here, though the order is debatable. Chatham has looked awfully great playing two mediocre teams, and Hoosick Falls has two good, fairly easy wins (Cambridge and the rebuilding Schuylerville). I'm still putting Cambridge at #3, partly because I want them to make me look good for initially ranking them #1 and partly because I can't justify putting anyone else at #3. None of the other 2-0 teams have any great wins - Voorheesville has beaten CCHS and Schuylerville; Lake George has victories over Warrensburg and Whitehall.

6. Mechanicville 2-0 (up 6)
7. Stillwater 2-0
8. Canajoharile 1-1
9. Watervliet 0-2 (down 4)
10. Schuylerville 0-2 (down 6)
11. Granville 1-1 (down 1)
12. Catholic Central 0-2 (down 3)
13. Granville 1-1 (down 3)
14. Corinth 1-1 (up 2)
15. Coxsackie 1-1
16. Tamarac 1-1 (down 2)
17. Hoosic Valley 0-2

I really don't know what to do with the second half of this class. Mechanicville and Stillwater are both still unbeaten, Canjo looks like a decent team and Watervliet should be playing better than they are. Schuylerville is in major rebuilding mode at this point after winning the class championship last year, and then you're stuck with a bunch of 1-1 teams who have beaten each other, so you really don't know who's better than who. CCHS was a trendy sleeper pick for this year, but they haven't played well. And sorry Hoosic Valley - there's always next year.

Class D:

1. Fort Edward 2-0 (up 1)
2. Salem 1-1 (down 1)
3. Rensselaer 1-1
4. Warrensburg 0-2
5. Whitehall 0-2
6. Bishop Gibbons 0-1

I finally made the switch, putting FE ahead of Salem. I still think Salem has a really good shot to win their 9/30 matchup (and more importantly the class title game), but so far FE has looked like the better team. Not much motion in these rankings, and I don't expect there to be much more movement before the season's over.

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