January 15, 2007


NFL Playoffs

Again, I'm not really posting on this blog anymore - I'm doing my work now on the Times Union site - but I wanted to get this out there: I'm really disappointed with ESPN.com's coverage of the NFL playoffs. There's a reporter-like story out there for each of the four games, with a story of how the game went and quotes - but no real analysis whatsoever. Really, would it be that hard to break down what happened? For the MLB playoffs, they had Keith Law and Rob Neyer breaking down every part of every game, and it was great. Come on, there are only four NFL games a weekend, why can't they get someone actually giving us what we want?

On a related note, I definitely believe Marty was not at fault for the Chargers loss, but he did do too much to prove that he was not a "conservative" coach, and put the game in Phillip Rivers' hands instead of his star, LDT. There were a number of times he should have handed it off or run a screen pass or something, but instead let Rivers throw the ball (the drive before the Pats' game-winning FG, LDT ran for six yards on first down...and then Rivers threw two passes? What the hell? There was plenty of time left). But, this morning, I go to ESPN.com (usually the best all-around sports site on the Internet) to try to find some decent analysis of yesterday's games...and I find this
John Clayton story saying that Martyball was at fault and that, if Marty had been more aggressive, the Chargers would have won the game. Huh? Did Clayton even watch the game? Read through the story closely - doesn't it look like Clayton wrote the story on Saturday, before the game was played, and then added a couple numbers and quotes to make it seem accurate? Is anyone else with me?

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